Pheromones are natural occurring chemicals produced in our bodies. They are distributed through our perspiration glands and their sole purpose is sending sexually enticing and emotional signals to the opposite sex. Pheromones play the most important role in sexual communication and behavior.

Scientists from research centers and universities all over the world know that human pheromones are detected through the vomeronasal organ or (VNO) which is located within the nasal cavity. The VNO functions as the direct sensory link which detects the scent of pheromones and sends them directly to the brain within fractions of a second. The pheromone molecules immediately create a powerful sexual and emotional  response within the brain that in most cases can not be ignored.

When wearing N º 9 BASK pheromone colognes one will notice different behavioral and indicators of interest from people around you. Expect more looks, smiles, compliments and increased conversations with sexually inviting body language. On the more aggressive side expect the opposite sex staring at you, hovering around you, touching you, wanting to kiss, smell or by being sexually inviting.

N º 9 BASK pheromone colognes are elite. They contain the highest concentration of human sexual pheromones that scientific technology can yield. At an astonishing 99% purity level our pheromone cologne is the most pure made available. There are no additives, no fillers and no oils. We will not mix pheromones or add any foreign impurities to our highest levels of potency and perfection.

N º 9 BASK pheromone colognes are engineered, produced and manufactured to be the finest and most pure human sex pheromone cologne in the world.  N º 9 BASK products come with a certificate of authenticity, analysis report and expiration date. We guarantee sexual and memorable results.

* Dr. Laura Berman a leading women’s health and sexuality expert who appears regularly on the Dr. OZ show and on OWN (the Oprah Winfrey Network) personally recommends N º 9 BASK Pheromones and Copulins in her “ Ignite the Passion” section in the Miles Kimball National publication As We Change.

These Major News Networks Have Done Extensive Research To Prove Pheromones Do In Fact Work!


Gold Label for Men Attracting Women
White Label for Women Attracting Men


When wearing N º 9 BASK apply the same as your favorite cologne or perfume.

For best results apply to both forearms or the neck area mildly. Dry in 10 seconds.

N º 9 BASK is odorless and pure. (99%)  No additives, No fillers, No oils.

N º 9 BASK can be used wonderfully with any of your favorite fragrances.

N º 9 BASK will last up to 3 days on the body and 6 days on all clothing.

N º 9 BASK  is simply removed using warm water and soap.

For Topical use only!

This product is not be used in eyes or ingested in any way.

N º 9 BASK causes an intense sexual attraction towards the opposite sex.


Return Policy

Pure Human Pheromones offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are unhappy with the product simply return it within 15 days.

Pure Human Pheromones will issue a full refund the same or next business day. We are however 100% certain that you will be extremely satisfied with your Pheromone product, N ° 9 BASK.

Pure Human Pheromones along with BaskWorld Technologies has developed the most pure, powerful and highly concentrated, non harmful, human pheromone product on the global market. Our product is ELITE. Our Pheromones are scientifically produced and synthesized daily at one of the largest bio tech companies in the world. 99% Pure. Simply the finest quality pheromones ever made.


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Do you ship Internationally?

N ° 9 BASK Elite Pheromone Colognes are now available worldwide. For all International orders please visit: Once on the site simply enter N ° 9 BASK in the search bar and all of our products will appear.

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