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Tangerine Dream pheromone cologne for men is the only one of its kind ever produced in the world! Ground breaking in every scientific module our sexual pheromone cologne remains perfect at a staggering 99% purity level ensuring immediate and direct sexual response. (The Flavor). Scientifically infused into the formula our proprietary TANGERINE DREAM ESSENCE is the most enticing, deep, rich and pure scent that has ever been created.

Direct from Calabria Italy inside the heart of the worlds finest and most perfectly orchard ripe, delicious, sun filled tangerines our scent was created. Erotic and highly sexual TANGERINE DREAM has become the worlds most highly sought after scented pheromone cologne in modern time. 

One or two sprays is all one man needs. The Tangerine Dream scent will remain potent for up to 6 ours. The pheromones however remain extra potent for up to 3 days on the body and is simply washed off with water and soap.

Be the Dream!