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elite pheromone technology N ° 9 BASK

gives you the power to:
captivate * charm * enchant
entice * seduce * fascinate * lure
control * desire * engage * lust
trust * attract * love

Pure Human Pheromones colognes were created solely for men and women wanting to aggressively attract the opposite sex. N ° 9 BASK Pure Human Pheromone colognes are a revolutionary breakthrough in the sciences of advanced pheromone technology. Our product is elite and like no other.  N ° 9 BASK Pure Human Pheromones uniquely feature an astonishing 99% purity level offering the highest concentration of the most pure human sexual pheromones ever produced.  N ° 9 BASK Pure Human Pheromones entitle the wearer the ability to seduce and entice anyone. There are no additives, no fillers, no oils. Only pure sexual seduction waiting to be released. There is nothing finer.